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- Yanina - Fin de L'histoire 2010
- Sundee feat Kymai - Avec moi 2010
- Perle Lama - soit pas si jaloux 2010
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 1 - PrinceSs ameL 972 a écrit le 04-11-2008 à 12h06
Oh Dé bar Les parOle jvai lé chanté a mOn mec mdrr ! Bien le sOn susu tu mé d bon son kom mem =) ! Et ta pa le '' il a '' de Tikat stp ? Ou le '' lovely '' de Rico et Sennsy stp ? Peace up

 2 - jo972 a écrit le 09-06-2009 à 04h21

bonne playlist ^^

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Luo two, you come here to do? " Second, the Sun column could not help but have a little bit nervous to see coming. Million and Street WWw, QUAnbEN, cOM Luo two mixed up for many years, although the character is not very good, but the vision is still a bit of their own being hoodwinked Baijian Yun, in case he debunked, big trouble. Aiming a Baijian Yun hands a mountaineering Sanyangkaitai Luo heart sneer loudly, I thought this million and Street say their own hearts black, but Sun column sound and Where? Bai Jianyun old passenger, the Sun column still remains Fudge. However, this matter has nothing to do with their own, Luo two do not bother to say, the instruments used in this line of business is reliable eyesight, eyesight cheated that nobody is to blame. The hands of the instruments used on the front of the Sun column, said: "Look, do you want this thing to set a price on." When Luo to see to Bai Jianyun hands pieces of mountaineering Sanyangkaitai the time, the Sun-chu heart GeDeng, but then found that Luo two did not expose themselves but find yourself closing adder, the heart suddenly relieved not naturally smiled and said: "If it is a good thing, of course I want to, I take a look at." "Hey, gas ah!" "Do use to do to commemorate?" Zhengtian Long a wry smile, he knew that this stone certainly sent the fellow to take back their own back, might want to look at ourselves in the end what.The small flat stones, palm-size, looks a little the first look, the stone's surface is very smooth, like tissue paper, polished general, the most notable is above densely distributed with some dots both sides have different side nine points, while the other side there are ten points.Thought for a moment, Zheng Tianlong finger on it, one a touched up, but did not find anything unusual, like ordinary stone sunken hole. Turn over the stone Zhengtian Long fingers the other side of all the small hole to touch it again, the same did not find anything.Shook his head, Zheng Tianlong think you may want more, but this is an ordinary stone just above the small point may be buried in the ground too long after the water corrosion. Sun column got a piece of cloth laid before the hands of the two instruments used on the above, said: "Bai Jianyun this thing a few days ago I received to let old customers, you fancy to You make a discount for each purchase. " Hee, I look at. " Step Zheng Tianlong grab, he remembered last night adder in our hands soon appear in the minds of the information related to the instruments used, so I want to try. Bai Jianyun just about the opposition, but immediately think of the performance last night and just Zhengtian Long, then nodded his head. Said: "OK, you look at it." Side of Sun column froze frowned up, in fact, see Bai Jianyun to think today is definitely earned a lot, but did not expect to be turned Zhengtian Long term instruments used, but this time do not say anything. Did not immediately took up, Zheng Tianlong first carefully observed for a Sun column out this adder is only as big as an adult fist, but quite realistic, I saw a copper on the top three sheep, in the middle of that one high above, while the next two intimate snuggle. "Mountaineering Sanyangkaitai" "Sheep homonym 'Xiang', 'win', Wang partial fiscal, Lee gambling transport ..." "If you can see it clearly what is enough." The perhaps "induction" to the idea of ??Zhengtian Long, words and patterns of changes in the emptiness and flashing suddenly "condensation" together, like a stone smashed over. "Rub, is not it, and play this trick?"Just smashed Zhengtian Long was shocked and wanted to hide, but he was still in bed, where to hide under the covers? Those points of light is a close to the body of Zhengtian Long dispersed once again to put his whole enveloped them, and finally to his eyes "Bay" inside!"Ah!!!!!" Zhengtian Long body tightly close to the wall, looking at the words and graphics to his own eyes welling inside this huge stimulus so that he cried frantically. Zheng Tianlong hands firmly bent into claws like - not because this is their own eyes, he is afraid have to start to dig out! Do not know how long, and when the last one spot disappeared in his own eyes, Zheng Tianlong feel yourself at the head came a sharp pain, like someone to knock into his own head a dowel In general, the present, like someone often his own head stuffed a large bag of straw. Bai Jianyun go in playing, and a middle-aged man sitting at the counter about forty hello to: "Column brother, a good thing?" Sun column looked up and found that Baijian Yun immediately laughed and said: "You really do not say that to a few pieces of good things, you wait a minute, I'll get you." "Good." Watching turned to go backwards Sun column, Baijian Yun nodded, and whispered Zhengtian Long said: "Dragon, this place is good, a lot of my instruments used for example you see last night that two here buy and Sun column nice people, the instruments used in the knowledge he taught me a lot. " Zhengtian Long looked the store and found a small, rectangular, more than two meters wide and seven or eight meters long touches everywhere, large and small, or copper or wood or stone instruments used, packed, and even the ground or walls, piled layer upon layer, and many were covered with dust. When when gallows Zhengtian Long's eyes rested on the counter, occupy the most central of a wall of a wooden frame is a glass cabinet, which stands a Buddha instruments used outside locked lock, it is clear that this seat more than other precious. " Rom suddenly stunned, his face is full of expression do not believe. Install it, you install it pretends like your bat on the instruments used on color, see? This is white! " Sun pillar fingers severely locations with instruments used on a white bat, then went on to say: "According to the Tang Dynasty, Lee Kang's" independence different ambitions, "it reads, Zhang Guo, one of the Eight Immortals, always 'age I do not know the' longevity Seno, Xuanzong he is very respectful day whim Xuanzong suddenly called Jing Ye can priests inquire Zhangguolao life experience, Jing Ye can secretly told Xuanzong said Zhang Guo always 'chaotic early points white bat refined', of course, since the news leaked, leaves can quiet almost by Zhang Guo old the spell killed. " "This is the earliest recorded white bat, What does this mean? White bat only appeared in the Tang Dynasty your bronzes White Bat in the Sui Dynasty, not yet born." "" Luo, his face a look of embarrassment, suddenly do not know what to say. Thing he Amoy, but pondering for some time to try to make something to conclude that not is something of which era hair alcoholism today has no money, so only out for cash, the reason for that is the stuff of the Sui Dynasty, Because the style is very much like the Sui adder. Originally, he thought Sun column of vision about their own, and not out of which a dynasty that Sun column can not see out, but did not think it would be debunked, the Sun column key is also to tell the truth!

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