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- Yanina - Fin de L'histoire 2010
- Sundee feat Kymai - Avec moi 2010
- Perle Lama - soit pas si jaloux 2010
- Perle Lama feat Kamnouze - Juste une seule fois 2010
- Malena - Ca IRa 2010

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Zheng Tianlong carefully looked around, but found no Shou Tao, also found no coins, but vomit down four bats the aerial mycelium looked when they found the bat there is another one in the center of the four pillar on the smallpox Bat One and mouth chattered a string of five coins. "It seems that the gas field is formed by five bats suction street over ah." Narrowed his eyes, Zheng Tianlong four bat with open wings, a gas River gas street "suck" over, and then, like the silkworms spin silk of generally air silk spit money bat bite to the ceiling at the center. More magic Zhengtian Long found that when the wire of the bat spit on the four pillars of gas "spray" to central bats and from bats after the body upstream flow out from the money at these again from gas flow out wire money into even greater than the original strong five times! "The last two years, followed by a Taoist priest to learn." Found this knowledge turned suddenly came into their own mind, Zheng Tianlong also shocked to hear Baijian Yun ask yourself how to understand these things, He did not dare say that the real reason? Ah! "Do you really understand ah, that's great, tomorrow we go a million and Street, take a look at if we can pick up a drain, that we have developed!" Bai Jianyun excitement fat face to are issued shine. "This is not as simple, right?" Zheng Tianlong hesitated, although that seems to have a special ability, but the tube does not say how useful do not know yet. "Hey, What are they afraid of, take a look Well, anyway, and no loss is not? Say, do not you want to spend their whole lives Maili Qi? You do not want to make a fortune do not want to come out ahead? Do not want to open Xiangche with beauty?" "Hey, Is this a bunch of money is the amplifier? Can amplify four bats suck the gas?" Himself "strange eyes, Zhengtian Long found the gas wire four bat spit it only a, but concentrated to the central bats and then the money comes out, turned into a full 20, and each one than before that bat spit it out to be rough is much greater. So that a bunch of money not the amplifier is it? "Why is it so? Why Fushou four full-adder gas filaments central peaches kept up, where gas wire were spit out and enlarge it?" Zheng Tianlong deeply confused, in order to figure out the problem in his footsteps involuntarily moved to the smallpox at the center of a bat under, looked up and read it carefully. "Bundle of money seems weird!" To see that a bunch of coins, Zheng Tianlong shift the pace, at the same time side his head aligned with that bunch of coins when mutation suddenly appeared, however, in his eyes, suddenly emerge out of their minds stone, and the stone rapidly spin up spot in the rotation, while the stone into capsules, the last of these points of light formed a nebula vortex. Bedroom Weng Yue days Wenjing next moment he was lying in the chair on the balcony enjoying the beauty of the night sky is playing his favorite songs, CD recordings beautiful ethereal female voice, never tired. Tie a charming night tonight Zhongxingpengyue, do not some distant mood. It seems that he is a great emphasis on the quality of life of people really know how to enjoy ... Originally in the eyes closed, Weng Yue Tian inadvertently opened his eyes to catch a glimpse of how the windows next door lights? He clearly remember the lights off good. Xie Fei Jian Mei into the temple to a slight pick Weng Yue days stand up ... Wenjing's bedroom door was open, Weng Yue days wearing a nightgown come in ... and sure enough she still awake. Immediate street obviously an old street is not wide, one-way, then it is a lane a little more, on both sides is an indirect one shop, not someone coming and going, and it buzzes. More so Zhengtian Long surprising, of course, there are many shops decorated luxurious atmosphere, but there are a lot of shop front casual piled hill general kinds of instruments used, or simply a street vendor in the street, this place same There are a lot of people turn to turn to lug stuff. "Hey, Wan Street, is said to have a hundred years of history, is a special place to sell adder, of course, that is the we Jianlou paradise that you see at the flea market to pick things ten ** is want Jianlou the 's. " Bai Jianyun a better understanding of these circumstances, proudly introduced. "Oh, yes, you say Jianlou, is how is it?" Zhengtian Long remembered last night Baijian Yun mention, but no detail. "Antiques the instruments used Jianlou bought worthless instruments used with extraordinary vision or luck, with a very low price, then sell." Wen Jing nodded, be considered to be his. The followed, Wenjing only at the foot of a light ... she has been Weng Yue-day hold up ... Drivers far Weng Yue days sitting on the sofa, these all look in the eyes, in silence, and my heart may be anxious ... Master is not it a bit unusual ah? Even if the face of the stunning beauty can not be so gentle, but Wenjing ...... too special, even if it is in order to allow Wenjing able to testify in court, according to the temper of the young master, how can people so good? Hey, the young master really elusive ... The bedroom, Wenjing sat on the bed, Weng Yue day carefully for her Cayao not see his eyes a little disgust look Wenjing heart could not resist touched. He never thinks she so ugly, very sick, but so gentle and considerate, he is really a great guy ... Cawan drugs, Weng Yue days to come up with two anti-inflammatory pills for her to eat. Her scars are some today text Intergrowth beaten the most old injuries, especially back ... her scars need to restore long-term Cayao.

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Parents could not choose children, but you can change the attitude of the child's education. The attitude has changed, the fate of the children may be a dramatic change. Not only teach the parents did not teach bad children! To create their own life forever proud Even if the world all look down on your child, parents have tears appreciate him, hugging him, praise him, to create their own life forever proud. My daughter Tingting since childhood ears deaf.Marriage, her husband went out hard, often busy ah often talked about, rarely go home with her every day Wanting are jealously guarding its availability him home, but also to meet Wanting vanity, you want to whatever I buy what hurt her, her husband, and she's not happy, often holding the phone to her husband, said: "I do not want money, I frankly as long as you can spare the time of day to accompany me. Since Chuyun days Wanting the two Associations, after the two men feel the soul with sustenance, often secretly on the phone, Chu Yun-days, she said: "nice to meet you, you're independent, unlike my wife, as what everything depends I hate happy with you heart, I love you ". Wanting a shy smile and said: "Thank you, you can often take the time to accompany me, let my heart With warm. Very painful longing, longing for a long time the two of them to travel some, but the two have never done crazy things, once said, They do not want to hurt the people love their may be more so two more love, love the other side and not the other, very painful.Car bumpy potholed mountain road, when I think of the dishes in the trunk very worried, anxious. I called my father to drive slowly, especially pit. We slowly lay the car, slowing down the leg like water buffaloes. After half an hour of the bumps, we finally come to the grave of my grandmother, I took out the Qingming the fruit put away, take Hong bowed deeply, thanks to a few worship.

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