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- Yanina - Fin de L'histoire 2010
- Sundee feat Kymai - Avec moi 2010
- Perle Lama - soit pas si jaloux 2010
- Perle Lama feat Kamnouze - Juste une seule fois 2010
- Malena - Ca IRa 2010

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- Yanina - Fin de L'histoire 2010

- Sundee feat Kymai - Avec moi 2010

- Perle Lama - soit pas si jaloux 2010

- Perle Lama feat Kamnouze - Juste une seule fois 2010

- Malena - Ca IRa 2010

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A look back, Zhengtian Long found precisely Baijian Yun came, "Ha, white fat, you come." Spoke, the Zheng Tianlong Lakaichemen, jumped up. "Ha, to smoke a cigarette." Bai Jianyun side of cigarette tossed Zhengtian Long, while mercilessly stepped on the accelerator, suddenly hit the steering wheel, a small freighter shaking a bit, Shui on the main road into the traffic."Squeak ~~" Small four last stop in a Street down, looked around a bit, In addition to street lights, no lights, it is very quiet. wWW! QUAnbeN! COm "This is my uncle's shop, I usually sleep in here, somewhere else, he rent an apartment." Baijian Yun said as he opened the door, went in, then walked down the stairs to the second floor with Zhengtian Long. The first floor is paved, and place on the second floor can be separated out to live in, can be stacked things the Zheng Tianlong up after the name of the ground floor in the corner of the place, in addition to one by a variety of boxes or miscellaneous thereof. How his voice is so nice it magic? Her good fast heartbeat, breathing began instability ...Weng Yue days become inexplicable and soft eyes, the pupil of the eye end of the trace complex look standing next Liangyu Chen keen to capture ... Liangyu Chen could not believe my eyes ... he should be seen in the eyes of Weng Yue days "spoiled" Oh no ...... is dazzled ...... Oh ...... MGD, it is true, not vertigo! "Is not anxious? Do not worry, I'll be right back, waiting for me." Weng Yue days of very light tone, but it has a reassuring taste. The phone and the sound came twice sucked snot, in response to his? Dialogue, he said he is not bored, listening to the sound of her suck snot and her breath, light shallow breathing sound, he could imagine her expression must be laughing, with look forward to ...... Even though she did not say a word, he would understand what she meant, that was enough. The silence speaks, this mysterious feeling, haunting, beautiful. Weng Yue days after hanging up the phone, just moist look suddenly disappeared, replaced by calm water. Liangyu Chen That they recovered, exclaimed: "Weng morphed effort must be called one, admire admire!" Weng Yue days not complain, pinch the hands of the cigarette butts put out, stand up, pat shoulders Liangyu Chen: True worth of instruments used?" Zheng Tianlong said, Bai Jianyun on the side of an adder take over carefully observe care in the palm of the hand, found to be a turtle, but the head of the turtle is the leading four legs standing on a pile of coins and ingot. Dragon turtle, is the incarnation of the Dragon and turtle, Ancient Dragon born son of one of the auspicious, Turtle, turtle tail outwards made evil solution Eritrea effect, leading toward the home blessed with . " Zheng Tianlong stunned for a moment, he found these words as if already in their own minds, get to adder the hands carefully looked after suddenly run out. Feng Shui says: 'To fast hair, fighting the three evil' main auspicious Lucky on the financial position, put in robbery evil dragon turtle, disaster evil-year-old evil evil bit can be played to resolve the role. " "I will not let even if you is the Azusa TM, the older brother, you can not cut off her dream!" Tong Hao to anger, too young, he time and again by this strong man contemptuously disregard even, but he can not tolerate such treatment of the girl he likes. Ouyang Chen Wind staring across the various eyes cast around, the vertical eye glanced struggling Ouyang Zi TM, Tong Hao dropped a bomb: "TM, TM, not my sister, she is my woman!" Sure enough, Tong Hao blown dumbfounded, the body heavy chatter chatter few, pending feet and hurried outside, Ouyang Chen Wind has Ouyang Zi TM, crammed into the car, shiny black sports car blink disappeared in his sight City center in a luxury villa! Ouyang Zi TM, Ouyang Chen pull the wind all the way into the living room. Her way pitching in the protest, the last voice becomes hoarse only slightly quiet. "Hey, Is this a bunch of money is the amplifier? Can amplify four bats suck the gas?" Himself "strange eyes, Zhengtian Long found the gas wire four bat spit it only a, but concentrated to the central bats and then the money comes out, turned into a full 20, and each one than before that bat spit it out to be rough is much greater. So that a bunch of money not the amplifier is it? "Why is it so? Why Fushou four full-adder gas filaments central peaches kept up, where gas wire were spit out and enlarge it?" Zheng Tianlong deeply confused, in order to figure out the problem in his footsteps involuntarily moved to the smallpox at the center of a bat under, looked up and read it carefully. "Bundle of money seems weird!" To see that a bunch of coins, Zheng Tianlong shift the pace, at the same time side his head aligned with that bunch of coins when mutation suddenly appeared, however, in his eyes, suddenly emerge out of their minds stone, and the stone rapidly spin up spot in the rotation, while the stone into capsules, the last of these points of light formed a nebula vortex. Ouyang Chen wind even without a word said, the whole body also reveals a living in the host's calm temperament, a brand-name packaging more manifest his grace and noble identity, ignoring Tong Hao talk to each other, his gaze falls directly Ouyang Zi TM, who . The angular facial lines Chilled sexy thinning of the lip sip a line, condescending stare at her a little nervous on the cheek, a low voice authentic: "Come with me to go back!" Tong Hao not hear the tone of anger in his voice, Ouyang Zi TM, is heard clearly, tightly Minchun of shook his head: "Chen wind brother, I do not go back, I want to go abroad." Are you kidding, half an hour, she can board the plane to go back with him, and that waiting for what she will! Airport such public places, always pay attention to the image of Ouyang Chen Wind will certainly not her abusive aware of this, Ouyang Zi TM, disorders heartbeat is a little bit of peace.

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