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- Yanina - Fin de L'histoire 2010
- Sundee feat Kymai - Avec moi 2010
- Perle Lama - soit pas si jaloux 2010
- Perle Lama feat Kamnouze - Juste une seule fois 2010
- Malena - Ca IRa 2010

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- Malena - Ca IRa 2010

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Immediate street obviously an old street is not wide, one-way, then it is a lane a little more, on both sides is an indirect one shop, not someone coming and going, and it buzzes. More so Zhengtian Long surprising, of course, there are many shops decorated luxurious atmosphere, but there are a lot of shop front casual piled hill general kinds of instruments used, or simply a street vendor in the street, this place same There are a lot of people turn to turn to lug stuff. "Hey, Wan Street, is said to have a hundred years of history, is a special place to sell adder, of course, that is the we Jianlou paradise that you see at the flea market to pick things ten ** is want Jianlou the 's. " Bai Jianyun a better understanding of these circumstances, proudly introduced. "Oh, yes, you say Jianlou, is how is it?" Zhengtian Long remembered last night Baijian Yun mention, but no detail. "Antiques the instruments used Jianlou bought worthless instruments used with extraordinary vision or luck, with a very low price, then sell." Bai Jianyun come up with a few bottles of beer from a small refrigerator into the next, then do not know where to come up with a package of brine and peanuts, said: "Come on, we also have not seen for two years, and tonight sip." "Good." The Zheng Tianlong nodded his head, his right hand screw cap yixian the "popping" sound open beer. Baijian Yun looked just turned out the bottle opener, and shook his head, and thrown aside. Zheng Tianlong childhood big effort, such a thing for him is absolutely trivial. Big mouth to drink a few mouthfuls of beer, and they picked the one the peanuts thrown into the mouth, Zhengtian Long lean back in a box, his eyes squint up. "Dragon, you do not so many pieces, live down here first, and then think about how it wants to." "Ah, yes, do not say me, how are you?" Zhengtian Long waved his hand, and he do not want to say this thing. "I? Old way, followed his uncle along the way, the hungry is hungry vain, but in order to be developed that is impossible." Sun column debunked the price naturally is not good to talk about. "That is how much?" Bai Jianyun put up a finger and said: "100, 100 this thing I took away." Luo twenty-one angry hematemesis, said: "100? You when this is cabbage it!" "Well, the cabbage, then I will not open the price, where you have seen 100 dollars a pound cabbage?" Side of Zheng Tianlong mind straight nod Baijian Yun is definitely a bargain master, full of momentum ah! Luo the face Biede long pause before Biechu the words, said: "5000, less a penny not sell." "Well, not a long time, Luo two you will not also increasing the value of thinking about this thing, right?" Bai Jianyun saying refers to look around. Luo, a look, his face suddenly became pale, he found that the the Sun column's shop to a few people do not know when, but are million and their counterparts in the street could not, perhaps, when these people leave the shop in Sun column ten minutes the instruments used fake news will spread throughout the Wan Street, think of their own sold thousands of hard to extremely difficult - sold to tourists who come here for sightseeing? "I will go, and keep in touch, immediately notify me what signs of trouble hearing the day, I will Wenjing bring the court, but I had a premonition, perhaps things are not so smooth I thought, So ready, that day, there may be an uphill battle eventually. " Liangyu Chen frowned, handsome face exposed somewhat serious, thoughtfully nodded: "Well, you're right, we must do a good job to prepare the and anti the sun country's people, the presence of in case Wenjing they know they will want a way to stop her court, that is to say, from Wenjing reach the court that journey, the most dangerous! " Weng Yue Tian heard wise Mouguang chain lightning, brow pouring out an strategizing decidedly momentum: "Our adversary is a group of insidious creatures of the sun country, and I very much look forward to working with them to a contest, which is not visible the battlefield, if repulsed their sinister, it can be considered a great joy of life! "Ah ~ oh ~ Zheng Tianlong nodded his head, thought is it because to own an adder in his hand, so the memory it appear in the mind? To prove that this is very simple, the horse is in our hands, on the line. Zhengtian Long stretched forth his hand, caught the horse came to child care in their own palm. "Win immediately, flies crawl on horseback, hence the name, function reminder fiscal wangcai " Zhengtian Long's eyes suddenly widened, he found that the "memory" when their Mato in their palms, minds immediately appear before the dragon turtle! "This in the end is how is it? My hand what happened? As long as the instruments used in child care in the palm of the hand to be able to automatically 'identify'? Human flesh recognition machine? Ability? But I do not have this ability before me in the end took place What things? " "Rub will afford you this kid does not listen to me too!" The Bai Jianyun finally found sitting in front of their own Zhengtian Long has been in the trance, did not listen to speak for itself. Ah? "What did you say?" "Placed at the bedside, each side a help to the chronically ill or old suffering from long delay ..." "Placed in the desk can resolve unsatisfactory or cut off the villain tongue." "Really, turned out to be true, I will be able to know all the information associated with it, as long as I was holding an adder, I actually have this ability!" Found last night into his brain like water in general the instruments used in the information in his hand as, Zhengtian Long heart barking up. "How, Denon, which is a good thing it?" Bai Jianyun a little nervously, Zheng Tianlong has watched ten minutes, and finally up and breathing becomes heavy, very excited look. "Oh ... column brother, do not know is not there are other good things?" Is Baijian Yun awakened after Zheng Tianlong aiming one that a Sun column placed in the window of the Buddha, he suddenly thought of a question after the excitement of beginning own hands this pieces of mountaineering Sanyangkaitai the the adder and there is no gas.

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