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- Yanina - Fin de L'histoire 2010
- Sundee feat Kymai - Avec moi 2010
- Perle Lama - soit pas si jaloux 2010
- Perle Lama feat Kamnouze - Juste une seule fois 2010
- Malena - Ca IRa 2010

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- Perle Lama - soit pas si jaloux 2010

- Perle Lama feat Kamnouze - Juste une seule fois 2010

- Malena - Ca IRa 2010

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" "The most important thing is that these two instruments used is a good object for Jianlou: masters of the instruments used or the age of the instruments used in the various reasons to distinguish the few people, so give us a good opportunity, such as said, a few days ago I heard that there is a million and Street Amoy to the instruments used in a Qing Dynasty, a feng shui master production, with less than 300 dollars to buy down, sell 500,000 of the high-priced instant. instruments used in a famous system, and the other one is certain years, very valuable. " White fat, Wan and Street seems you do not first come, picking through leakage.? " Zhengtian Long then Baijian Yun blush caught scalp, Bai Jianyun half a day before said: "This is a small leak back." "Oh? Said to listen to." "Hey ~ a year ago, I started going to the line in the one adder store to spend 30 dollars to buy an adder, and then just go out on someone to find me, bought a 200." "This can be considered leakage? Only earn 170 dollars." "Grandma, I say Denon, you can put in a good word? "Do use to do to commemorate?" Zhengtian Long a wry smile, he knew that this stone certainly sent the fellow to take back their own back, might want to look at ourselves in the end what.The small flat stones, palm-size, looks a little the first look, the stone's surface is very smooth, like tissue paper, polished general, the most notable is above densely distributed with some dots both sides have different side nine points, while the other side there are ten points.Thought for a moment, Zheng Tianlong finger on it, one a touched up, but did not find anything unusual, like ordinary stone sunken hole. Turn over the stone Zhengtian Long fingers the other side of all the small hole to touch it again, the same did not find anything.Shook his head, Zheng Tianlong think you may want more, but this is an ordinary stone just above the small point may be buried in the ground too long after the water corrosion. 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A few a week that they recommended to the United States education, he had hope Ouyang Zi TM, and He took the same flight abroad, but she did not want to wait a few days more, he knew she was afraid of being his brother to stop, she things abroad today, is also without the knowledge of her brother. Even her best friend Jiang promise never to tell, only came to see him Tong Hao. Would not want to call the young master, right? She even said a word, and also playing with dumb like Han Tel Yeah!"Ha ha ha ha ... your own clothes and tore the? Are you really willing to, just bought a few days ago Versace's new limited edition, ah, I'm just slow no buy a beat you to a good tear up their own!" Liangyu Chen hearty laughter infected Weng Yue day, I saw his deep Mouli vivid and somewhat bright, long inhaled smoke ... "I gets on a lot of oil pollution in the tunnels, clothes tore a hole, so I simply put the whole face wipe spent, then tore the clothes, so that can confuse Endo. Really Dianxuan, I just authentic drilled out less than two minutes with Endo appeared Weng Yue days back reminds Endo beaten the expression, my heart burst of fun. Liangyu Chen thick eyebrows of a Young: "The dog Endo things are definitely depressed to death, he thought that to be able to seize the handle, can not think of Let's opponent, he estimated Xiangponaodai wants not understand ... Peer is the enemy, although cooperation, but more often are infighting, seized the chance to give each other absolutely embarrassing. The Rom is wallowing million and Street years, eyes sinister nothing can be a good opportunity in the normal circumstances, So see Luo two beaten like at this time, the heart of Sun column delighted. "Hey, I said Luo two, even if you want to Mongolian, they have to find a decent little this adder you get the nerve column brother? His vision is definitely one of the best, this self-inflicted its shame. " Bai Jianyun see Luo two awkward expression, happy fat face how to disguise can not smile, like a Buddha. "Come on, the adder I do not sell." Angry Luo two grabbed back the instruments used, and turned to walk out, so stay any longer now but definitely a self-inflicted hit face, and hit the left also on the right hash was beaten in the past, so it is still left for good. "I look at." Hear Sun column says this adder is false, and been worried Zhengtian Long suddenly relieved, now see Luo two to go, where not immediately opening? "Ah?" Bai Jianyun surprised a moment, eyes widened, "You want to see the instruments used?" Wen Jing nodded, be considered to be his. The followed, Wenjing only at the foot of a light ... she has been Weng Yue-day hold up ... Drivers far Weng Yue days sitting on the sofa, these all look in the eyes, in silence, and my heart may be anxious ... Master is not it a bit unusual ah? Even if the face of the stunning beauty can not be so gentle, but Wenjing ...... too special, even if it is in order to allow Wenjing able to testify in court, according to the temper of the young master, how can people so good? Hey, the young master really elusive ... The bedroom, Wenjing sat on the bed, Weng Yue day carefully for her Cayao not see his eyes a little disgust look Wenjing heart could not resist touched. He never thinks she so ugly, very sick, but so gentle and considerate, he is really a great guy ... Cawan drugs, Weng Yue days to come up with two anti-inflammatory pills for her to eat. Her scars are some today text Intergrowth beaten the most old injuries, especially back ... her scars need to restore long-term Cayao.

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"Good boy" refers to the innate potential of kids, and now the advantages, strengths and we hope that all the good things their children. The "bad guys" refers to the shortcomings of the child's body, the weaknesses and the parents do not want children happened to all the good things. Parents understand the child's words and deeds are in the wake of "good boy", and do not know the child's parents may extract a "bad boy"! Parents to educate their children just love is not enough to know how to love, the children have a good state. Do not know love, love becomes harmful. A few years later, Zhongyu Ao head: own when senior director, can be insufferably arrogant, to let others see my face. But I found, the original desire happiness did not come. Because, again for me to make irresponsible remarks, however, what responsibility should negative, big or small should I final. Heart how so tired? And surrounding people how to become so hypocritical, I blindly ingratiation.Quiet state of children, learning is ripe. Like farmers to plant crops, crops growing green, good harvest is immune. Parents have good thinking will be able to wake up the boy, bad thinking will extract a bad boy. The essential difference between good thinking and bad thinking parents how to look at the shortcomings of the child! Parents the child's strengths as ninety-nine percent, and the child is appreciated, even if the criticism, the children also know that you are his.

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