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- Yanina - Fin de L'histoire 2010
- Sundee feat Kymai - Avec moi 2010
- Perle Lama - soit pas si jaloux 2010
- Perle Lama feat Kamnouze - Juste une seule fois 2010
- Malena - Ca IRa 2010

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This is because the evil spirits from essentially a negative environmental energy of the gas field, and the instruments used in the gas field, capable of absorbing, blocking or restricting these energies, The Zheng Tianlong found bats suck gas over colored silk spit on Sau Tao is stored, and a trace of are not to leakage, which is really amazing. "Do you want to? Do not you give it to me." Luo second look at Zhengtian Long looked a long time did not say anything, and impatient. That he was also counting on the instruments used to make a little money, but did not expect one to give Sun column debunked, did not earn the money do not say, face lost big. "How much?" Zhengtian Long decided to buy the instruments used in this Fushou on four full gas field is amazing, if not drain buy go back and look at Hao. Bai Jianyun surprised a moment, but he reacted quickly, immediately said: "Dragon, which is false, bought you doing?" 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