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- Yanina - Fin de L'histoire 2010
- Sundee feat Kymai - Avec moi 2010
- Perle Lama - soit pas si jaloux 2010
- Perle Lama feat Kamnouze - Juste une seule fois 2010
- Malena - Ca IRa 2010

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Just to prove that night feeling, but this time, why his own momentary loss, just think she was too excited, too do not match, the one used to do not like too much explanation, the most efficient and simple manner in which they are It is in this way betting live in her mouth at the same time, to prove that his decision will not change. Her lip is soft and smooth, aromatic Qingtu also deemed to rain petals, sweet and gentle, they could not bear to let go once stained, the slightest warm breath deeply moved by Ouyang Chen Wind senses, so that his heart Pan the ripples since there has never been, and love / soft to be unrelated. Twenty-eight heartstrings of silence was instantly touched! Ouyang Zi TM, this time extremely sober. Zhengtian Long did not like Bai Jianyun directly rushed into the same side Lent, he went to the salon in front of the store of the same party stopped. In soon, Zheng Tianlong found something of interest - to the front of the store as soon as he felt his eyes as if by magnet attracts the general look of the four pillars of the shop. Fasting outside the gate of the same party has four poles, two after the first two constitute a square, four column near the floor at each engraved with a small bat, little bat, only soybeans, do not pay attention to see simply will not find . Bats lines outline, eyes round, ears and sharp, his mouth slightly open, his head up, the body is a leaf-shaped, tapering from the head to the tail, in the trunk of most places at the end of curl bent like a hook. Gives the impression of bats like to fly slanting general. Gas wire, Zheng Tianlong bat's mouth in this same saw gas wire, as just as he see the bat his mouth on the in Fushou four full adder. "Do here also a feng shui array? But also longevity four full?" Looked at his pace elegant way, Ouyang Zi TM, a reaction time has forgotten, just Leng Leng looked at him getting closer all thinking his deep black eyes suck his eye bottom Pan forward to the layers of sullen and cold are like an deeply whirlpool, strong roll into her But instantly, Tong Hao face changed a few changed heart fast thinking about how to explain to Ouyang Chen Wind Zi TM, the abroad took a step forward, to reach out and hold her hand. Ouyang Zi TM, slightly hesitated and did not refuse, with his warm palm of her hand in the palm, giving her little face Ouyang Chen Wind courage. Chen wind brother, how you will come to the airport? " The face of powerful gas field Ouyang Chen wind, disordered thinking Ouyang Zi TM, ask a very idiotic question, the closer the more, she did not dare to look directly at him glowing the slightest cold light of the black eyes, light hanging eyes, eyes resting on the lip of his light sip. "Hello, Ouyang Big Brother, I'm Tong Hao Zi TM, the boyfriend." Always great eloquence Tong Hao face mature, and is filled with elegant Ouyang Chen Wind inevitably some stage fright, single on handsome, he and Ouyang Chen wind each all the characteristics of Temperaments, connotation, he naturally lose more than one level. The boring Zhengtian Long was on the verge of a stone thrown back on the desktop, inadvertently thumb and index finger of the right hand while holding a small stone up and down both sides of the most central point."Huh ~~" Zheng Tianlong your fingers hold the place seems to have a loose feeling, could not help but hard pinch. Card! " Suddenly a slight noise, and then the finger at came sharp pain, Zhengtian Long looked down and found the finger at pouring a lot of blood, and scared he immediately force the toss, the stone flung to the ground."Rub, this is how it was! Zhengtian Long looked at the stones on the ground, stunned, his own hands pouring blood on a stone like a sponge absorbs generally disappear at once, with the blood sucked, the stones began to shine beginning is not obvious, but slowly the stone becomes transparent, like inside a few kilowatts lamp installed in general, then, the stone began to spin, faster and faster, eventually even in addition to residual Shadow could not see the stone frantically spinning the small dots on the surface of the stone began to slowly earth, suspended in the air and then turned to leave the stone. Give it a go, cycling becomes a motorcycle. "Oh, columns brother, do not, I quite like the instruments used, say, Bai Jianyun right instruments used are bought by myself, the loss can not be borne by you." , I just said that, in fact ... " Shook his head, Zheng Tianlong is to say: column brother, this loss does not for you to bear, I am also ashamed to see people spread out. " Then, Zheng Tianlong simply Fushou four full-adder stuffed into his pocket. "Sample, afraid I grab your fragmentation? Really treasure? Still feel that I want is a drain?" The Sun column heart laughed see Zheng Tianlong so,. Instruments used, he is not have to buy it is not, is not really worth two or three thousand that have identification before we know it. "Line, then when to buy a lesson." In Sun column store to hang around for a while, to see if the time has almost Baijian Yun said: "column brother, we go first." "Well, walking time to sit down." For customers such as Baijian Yun Sun column are more than welcome.Chen wind Columbia, that thing I have long forgotten, really, I do not remember " Ouyang Chen wind despite her struggles, pulled her back to the front of the sofa and sat down, covered with layers of frost solemn and serious face, thin Yi the labellum sip sip, coldly interrupted her messy explanation: "Wedding day, the bride will not be US-Shan Gu, but you!" Ouyang Zi TM, spot petrochemical She hopes themselves got it wrong, and must have misheard, or Chen wind brother would say that the bride is not US-shan sister how is she? Eyes Yuan Deng, mouth Zhang Cheng O font, but Leng Leng could not say a word! This is ridiculous, no, it is not absurd, is simply absurd to the extreme! "No!" A long time, her consciousness withdrawn from circulation, and despite all the struggles, shortness of breath and panic: "Chen wind Columbia, you may not like this, even if the night is I, you can not be to make such decisions, you do this to Shan sister is not fair, I will not marry you, absolutely not woo " Back then engulfed by Ouyang Chen Wind kiss!

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